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Beyond a health work ethic


What do you consider to be a healthy work ethic? What do you do to thrive without becoming neurotic about it? How do you stay calm and content in challenging, demanding times and environments? In this episode I’ll talk about the most insane principle that may cause stress, lead you to feel depressed, anxious or obsessed. Let me know about your thoughts or questions after watching. I’d love to hear them. 

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Reassesing what is important

When it comes to prioritizing to get the most out of our personal life or relationships, a lot of us lose our ease to get things done. We may feel excited to the point of disorientation because of self-consciousness or some mental restraint. In this episode I’ll reveal to you what it boils down to. 

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Stop comparing yourself to another!

At work, on Instagram and the other social media platforms or any other offline place we tend to constantly place ourself in the equation with one thing or another.  It’s something we do daily. No matter our position, status or performance, we habitually wonder if we are as good enough or even better. We mirror ourselves to either look down on ourselves or the other person. This episode is will help you understand what it means to measure yourself against someone or something. 

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The quality of your presence

You may be physically present but how much are you actually interacting with the people and the things around you? In this episode a few tips on how to merit a more qualitative presence.

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T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. for high performers

Tupac had THUGLIFE tattood on his abdomen. It was not to show how gangster he was but a message to society about its accountability.

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