Couples Counseling and Coaching With Oliver:

Building Strong Relationships.

When two people enter into a brand new relationship, the fantasy of having a great partner is often overshadowed by reality. At the start of every relationship, couples have not endured or experienced the full scope of their partner’s character and are often surprised when they start to notice less attractive characteristics of their partner. This can result in incomprehension, anger or explosive fights. This, of course, is unhealthy as it opens the door for more conflicts. In these situations, couples will be more likely to fight over small and big matters. In such instances, it is best to seek counseling. 

Why couples should seek counseling

Every relationship – regardless of its duration – goes through difficult times. Sometimes partners, get stuck in a pattern of constant fighting and bickering that being together becomes very tough. Even the smallest disagreements can turn into heated arguments. To some, the other person may even seem to have become a stranger living a whole different life. In this instance, relationship counseling and coaching with Oliver is your option out of that severe situation. Counseling and coaching helps couples regain a deep understanding of each other and bring playfulness and fun back into the relationship. Through Oliver’s coaching and counseling, couples can learn to find clarity and move forward with their relationship. In this process, Oliver will help partners discover new ways of thinking, communicating and handling problems. 

Facilitating relationship dynamics, strengths and understanding

 As a licensed facilitator, coach and counselor, Oliver works with the prepare-enrich system therapy methods to help lovers (re)build their love for each other. Through this system that is scientifically designed to identify the dynamics in a certain relationship, Oliver helps couples improve by assisting them in finding clarity and understanding of the complexity of their interaction with each other. Working with Oliver will not only help you gain understanding, but will also help you build new habits to transform your personal life and the relationship for the better. 

 Passionate about empowering couples connections 

 I am passionate about helping couples rekindle the spark that initially brought them together. Not only do I use the prepare-enrich system during my counseling and coaching, but I also teach personal excellence. My aim is to help individuals connect on a deeper level, reflect and transcend to find clarity, understanding and calmness within themselves and their relationships. Those who put all effort into it will transform and experience more depth and happiness in their relationship. 

Oliver is here to help you build your best relationship.

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