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Spiritually guided Ceremonies
and Rituals with Oliver.

There are occasions in life that call for a celebration, ceremony or ritual. As a professional spiritual guide and celebrant I create unique and powerful ceremonies for weddings, transitions, social status change, naming ceremonies, adoptions, coming of age, baptism, divorce or deaths. Each ceremony, ritual or celebration is different, hence I work closely with my clients to craft a celebration, ritual or ceremony that is special to them. These may include any thing from natural elements like water, sand, fire, drawings, music, rituals to cultural traditions or customs to create the most unique and memorable ceremony for you and your guests.

Celebrating your uniqueness through ceremony, ritual and spirituality

During the introduction and planning meetings we discuss ideas in detail to plan a ceremony, ritual or celebration that is truly personal to you. Therefore, ceremonies can be a mixture of different rituals from different cultures. In order to create the most authentic and high quality ceremony, ritual or celebration, I connect spiritually to each one of my clients. For this reason, I can only accomodate a select amount of individuals, or couples throughout the year.

You as the focal point of the ceremony

Choosing me as your spiritual guide or celebrant in your ceremonies or rituals means you are choosing complete freedom as there are no religous or cultural restrictions. You are in full control and have the freedom to ditch traditional methods. Besides, you choose your location. This means that your wedding, transition, social status change, naming, adoption, coming of age, divorce or death ceremony can be held anywhere. Together we’ll create a ceremony that is completely personal to you and is as your heart desires.

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