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I am a certified facilitator, coach, and counselor who helps high performing individuals create loving relationships through great communication and mutual understanding. In addition, I am also a ceremonial celebrant, spiritual guide and former pastor. My focus is geared towards high-performers in various industries. I implement spirituality to steer high-performing individuals onto the right path so they can achieve personal growth, success, existential fulfillment and  become more powerful and spiritually fulfilled human beings within themselves, and within their community. Through my practice I  help these individuals move from point A to point B in their lives. 

Spirited Excellence

Every week I publish fresh videos on various spiritual topics. I call them SPEX videos. SPEX stands for spirited excellence.
These videos will help you reflect, become more aware, find clarity, understanding, and calmness. They will help you experience more harmony with your surroundings and help you transform to live a deeper, meaningful, successful and happy spiritual life. I recommend you check them out and even subscribe to receive them first in your inbox weekly.

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Your Special day:
Spiritually guided Ceremonies and Rituals

There are certain occasions in life that warrants a celebration, ceremony or ritual. As a professional spiritual guide and ceremonial celebrant I create unique and powerful ceremonies for weddings, naming ceremonies, adoptions, coming of age, divorce or deaths. Each ceremony, ritual or celebration is different, hence I work closely with my clients to craft a celebration, ritual or ceremony that is special to them. These may include specific objects, elements, music, rituals, cultural traditions and customs to create the most unique and memorable ceremony for you and your guests. Read more…

Allow me to guide you to your next destination

Whether you are a high performer with existential or spiritual questions, organizing a special event like a wedding, baptism, celebration of a transition or social status change or any ceremony which marks the importance of the occasion, a company that is looking for a keynote speaker, let me travel along with you. I’ll speak with purpose, poise, precision and power. Allow me to guide and inspire you and your audience today.


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